on the job


I attended Long Beach State University from 2011-2013 where I took courses in journalism and writing while graduating with a

  • Bachelor's of Fine Arts Degree specializing in Fashion Merchandising.   

My writing has been featured in Angelic Magazine, Blog Society and on Virtue For Women's blog
Photography has been featured on: 
Wedding Chicks (2017),
Finalist Shoot and Share (2016, 2017)

About Alysha Miller

I am a firm believer in the Bible and value the sacred truths held within it.  I believe in its transformative power to change lives.  It changed mine. 
My identity is deeply rooted in its truths.

I dream of distant shores, different coasts and of lands far off. 
I love hearing stories of patient love, marriages that have endured the hard times and of exciting engagements from couples all over this vast globe.   

I have a love for writing and have filled up at least 7 journals in the last 3 years.  I find it a sincere passion of mine to not only hear stories but feel it pressing on my heart to tell them.

When I'm not working you can either find me curled up with a good book, a cozy blanket with my faithful little sidekick, Lily Lou Rose (8 year old Yorkie) in tow,  or with friends and family, watching a good movie savoring every opportunity I'm given to spend with them.


My life motto? To God be the glory forever and ever! :)

What do I geek out over? Jurassic Park, classic Disney and The Goonies.

Favorite FRIENDS episode?: "The One With the Male Nanny". 

Favorite drink?  I LOVE water but need to drink more of it!

Favorite food?  I will never get tired of really good Mexican food - bring on the chips and salsa!

Passport stamps? 12! and counting...

If I could travel anywhere in the world, where to? Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Israel, South Africa, Croatia, Uganda, Ireland, New Zealand, Montana, China, Japan, Thailand in no specific order and to only name a few (I'd really go anywhere!)

Glamp or camp? I'm not naturally outdoorsy.  Glamp!  This is how I show my couples love.  I will go outside of my comfort zone ANY DAY for them...bring on the mud, hikes and mountains! ;)


Coffee or tea? TEA GIRL all the way! Or the occasional London Fog.

Favorite pizza toppings?  Pepperoni, sausage, olives.

Favorite place in the world?  New York City!





Photography has given me new direction & purpose.  It's a journey I never imagined I would be on.  For me, my camera is a front row ticket to the best seat in the house. 

I get a behind the scenes look into the lives of the people who invite me to be a part of their special days. 

I get to talk with people I would have never had the opportunity to meet otherwise.  Some clients I've known for years, and have reconnected with them and some are new acquaintances that turn into friendships.  This is what makes my job rewarding, the people behind the portraits.  

I am blessed by every one of these divine appointments.  I am truly humbled, and pinch myself daily that this passion has turned into something sustainable and holds the promise to propel me forward into the beautiful unknown.