Wedding Story - The Massie's

Driving into the winding Hollywood Hills on a bright Saturday morning already felt like magic.  I had never been to the Houdini Estate, the mansion where Mr. Harry Houdini, world class magician, lived years ago.  But that was the destination plugged into my GPS.  Craig and Courtney Massie invited friends and family (and photographers) to this venue to celebrate their marriage.  I entered the wrought iron gates knowing this would be a day filled with magnificent details, the enchanted setting saying it all.  Tucked away in the bridal suite,Courtney was composed.  Her gown a beautiful translucence against the  gothic ornate walls.  Craig's enthusiasm brought life to a stuffy upper room, where I heard no complaints from either him or his groomsmen when there was no air conditioning in their getting ready quarters.  They were perfectly tailored in suits and attitudes.  You could easily get lost in a place with so many twists and turns.  However, when Courtney came to meet Craig for their first look, you could see that they were found in each other's eyes. The highlight of this day for me happened at the altar when Craig took Courtney's hands and together they bowed their head before God, asking Him to bless and honor this covenant they were making before Him.  This is not the first wedding I've teared up at, but something about the humility in their stance before God touched my heart a little more than usual.  The most beautiful thing a man can do is lead his wife as Christ is leading him and Craig took on that leadership role immediately beneath the willowy oaks on the afternoon of September 26th, 2015.  Here's to the Classy Massies!  May the Lord bless them and keep them, always.