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About Alysha

A California based destination WEDDING & PORTRAIT photographer.

Let me clarify. Half of the weddings I’ve photographed take place in good ol’ Southern Cali!
But others have been just a plane ride away! Destinations like Kauai, the Bay Area, Arizona and Yosemite National Park.

Maybe you’re not from around CA & you’re planning a destination California wedding.
Or perhaps you are from Cali and you’re planning a grand adventure of a wedding & want to take your photog & guests somewhere out of state. Either way, I’m your girl!
I’m a Southern California native but my heart loves to travel! Even though, the last two flights I had to heat pad it up after landing This girl just can’t travel like she once could. Just keepin’ it REAL.

On that note, let me share a few more things about me:
I’m not married even though I hang with a lot of married couples.
I’m a romantic at heart and love a good story.
I’m going on my third year of doing wedding photography full time.
I’m writing a book about my crazy testimony which has turned into a beautiful project
(The Marriage Project ) where you’ll find more photography + story telling!
My love language is a movie night in with a cozy blanket in chilly weather. And quality time.
All that I do is to bring God the glory. Apart from Him, none of this would be possible.
I’m in awe every day at His unending mercy and grace. He’s my love story.
I didn’t study photography in college although I did get my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising. Even though those shoes (see left or above if viewing on mobile*) wouldn’t have you believe that, ;)
My style philosophy is comfort over anything. while staying stylish, of course!
That’s what I hope to bring to the table. Keeping it real, keeping you comfortable and delivering images that tell your love story at this point in time.
As you can see all my energy goes into making YOU look good and that smile is proof I love doing what I do and I cannot wait to connect & work with you!

Here’s to keepin’ it real!


02 — I cannot wait to work with you!