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About Alysha

A California based WEDDING & PORTRAIT photographer.
I’m a Southern California native but my heart loves to travel! Even though, the last two flights I had to heat pad it up after landing This girl just can’t travel like she once could. Just keepin’ it REAL.

On that note, let me share a few more things about me:
I’m not married even though I hang with a lot of married couples.
I’m a romantic at heart and love a good story.
I’m going on my fourth year of serving brides and grooms.
I’m writing a book about my testimony which has turned into a beautiful project
(The Marriage Project ) where you’ll find more couple’s stories.
My love language is a movie night in with a cozy blanket in chilly weather. And quality time.
All that I do is to bring God glory. Apart from Him, none of this would be possible.
I’m in awe every day at His unending mercy and grace. He’s my love story.
I didn’t study photography in college although I did get my Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Merchandising.
My style philosophy is comfort over anything, while staying stylish, of course!
And that’s what I hope to bring to the table…
Keeping it real, keeping you comfortable and delivering images that tell your story at this point in time.
That smile is proof I love doing what I do and I cannot wait to connect & work with you!

Here’s to keepin’ it real!


02 — I cannot wait to work with you!