Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked the same questions a lot so let me answer some of them here.

Why is wedding photography so expensive?
There are a lot of different factors that play into the wedding photography
price.  What you're ultimately paying for is time, labor and equipment. Yes, 
as a wedding photographer I have all the softwares and programs, cameras
and lenses to take the photos and edit them, but it also takes money to keep
them updated and running.  Cameras depreciate with time, much like a car. 
Just like you'd be paying to cover gas mileage, there is a cost to every shutter
click of the camera.  But really, the main expense is time.  Time spent driving
to location sites, time spent hiring a second photographer, time spent keeping
up with vendors, time spent creating a timeline, time spent the day of the
wedding, and the bulk of the work is time spent going through the thousands of
photos taken and editing every one chosen to deliver.  

A lot of the work is behind the scenes. You may be thinking,
"I'm paying that much for 8 hours?!"  Those 8 hours are really
only a tiny portion of what goes into wedding photography prices. 

Where is my money going?
That's a great question and one that's really been on my heart lately.  
I heard recently,  "Every dollar you spend is casting a vote for the type
of future you want." Businesses support causes/give their money to a number
of different things.  I can tell you that everything made through my photography
business is either turned right back around and invested into my business or
currently it is being used toward a new project I am working on.  I'm currently
in the website development phase of this new project, so most of the money made
through weddings is going toward that.  

The coolest part about it? The design team I've hired is funding the planting of
a church through everything made from their design business. Their story and
business is going to be highlighted on the new website/part of the new project.  I
will share more as the time gets closer to launching it.  To stay up to date on the
progress of everything going on behind the scenes sign up for my monthly newsletter!
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What do the online wedding galleries look like?
Go ahead and click here to see some examples of weddings I've done. 

How long does it take to receive my photos back? 
I will usually send some sneak peeks because I can't help myself!
And I know you're dying to see some. My contract states 4-6 weeks
to receive all of the photos back.  But like I said before, I tend
to underpromise, overdeliver.  I work hard on getting them into
your hands as quickly as possible while the momentum level is still high!