Why is wedding photography so expensive?
There are a lot of different factors that go into wedding photography pricing.  There's a lot that goes into keeping a business running.  But really, the main expense is time.  Time spent driving to location sites, time spent hiring a second photographer, time spent keeping up with vendors, time spent creating a timeline, time spent the day of the wedding and the bulk of the work — time spent going through the thousands of photos taken and editing every one chosen to deliver.  
And yes, I edit every photograph that I deliver.

Where is my money going?
That's a great question and one that's really been on my heart lately.  I heard recently,  "Every dollar you spend is casting a vote for the type of future you want." Businesses support causes/give their money to a number of different things.  I can tell you that everything made through my photography business is either turned right back around and invested into my business or currently it is being used toward a new project I am working on  I'm currently in the website development phase of this new project, The Marriage Project. A podcast with a book to accompany it telling the testimonies of different Christian couples across the country.

How many images will I receive?
Depending on coverage time, the average number of images delivered is between 800-1,000 photos. Which averages to 100-200 images per each portion of the day (Getting Ready, First Look, Family Portraits, Bridal Party Portraits, Romantics, Ceremony + Reception).

How long does it take to receive my photos back? 
I will definitely send some sneak peeks as soon as I get your images onto my laptop! My contract states 4-6 weeks for turnaround time.  4 weeks in off season, 6 in the busier season (Oct-Dec). I work hard on getting them into your hands as quickly as possible!

Do we need an engagement session? 
I always say "yes" if we're both in the same area and can make it happen.  It's such a great opportunity to get to know each other and get you awesome photos while we're at it. 

What is included in the complimentary engagement session?
We will shoot for an hour in a location of your choice. A surcharge may be included for locations outside my range of travel and for additional time.
You can bring 1-2 different outfits to fit into our allotted time!

What are the benefits to having a second photographer? 
Second photographers are such an integral part to the wedding day.  They help me so much!  They're not just there to get cool, additional shots or different angles.  They are an extension of me and can be where I can't be.  Having a second photographer also ensures back up as they have their own set of equipment, etc. 

What is the "Tasting" that you offer?
This is something new I'm offering potential clients. Visit my pricing page to learn more.