WEEK 37 | 30 Years of God's Faithfulness

I praise God today for thirty years of patience on His part and thirty years of undeserved blessings and I thank Him for the ‘more’ and I say “sorry” for the countless times I didn’t return to say “thank You”. Where I expected ‘this… or this or that’ from Him and others.  But I’m so glad He didn’t give up on me and allowed me to find this place of deep rest and peace and contentment and put in my heart a joy so full — to expect nothing and in turn, receive everything.  I’ve been made rich — not just in “things” but in fullness of life in Christ. 

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WEEK 24 | Skin in the Game

Have you been practicing, praying and waiting on something for years?  I'm here to tell you, it's time.  It's time to get ready for all that lies ahead.  God is about to birth the dream, the vision He put in your heart long ago.  That thing you didn't give up on.  That promise you've been waiting on.  He will unveil all He's been orchestrating behind the scenes.  The stable may be dirty, your elbows may be covered in grease, but all the hard work and perseverance is about to pay off. 

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Have a little faith

What are you waiting for?  Are you tempted to give up hope?  Has the process felt too long, too hard?  Or the promise so far out of reach you can't see it and you don't believe it's really something God's waiting to give you? 
Faith.  Ask Him for an extra measure of it.  
Faith.  Write the word or dream or the promise on a stone and carry it in your pocket if you must.  So you can hold it, feel it, believe it.  
He's good and He's God.  
He knows what He's doing. 

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Good Friday + The Marriage Project

If all of this is being learned through this project, how much more is in store to be learned through the actual marriage itself.  I see a resounding theme.  Marriage isn't easy.  But what great thing is ever easy?  I love the lyrics in a song, "If it doesn't hurt, then you aren't loving hard.  Look at Jesus on the cross, he got a ton of scars..." The ultimate portrait of sacrificial, undefiled pure love between Christ and His bride, the Church.  I can't wait to share more and if anything, I hope what I'm learning inspires someone else. 

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WEEK 10 | The Sheepfold on International Women's Day

What a fitting way to spend International Women's Day.  I stopped by The Sheepfold which is a storefront/ thrift shop in Orange, CA that accepts donation drop-off's with all proceeds going to help mothers and their children who have suffered through domestic abuse, homelessness. The Sheepfold offers a 6 month program to get them back on their feet, bringing healing and restoration to them.  This is an excerpt from their site,  And I do stand by, support, uphold, and celebrate womanhood and all of our unique, inherent God-given abilities.  See some of my favorite verses from the Bible..

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His love is patient, His love is kind.  How quickly I forget the whole point of this special time in His love.  He's given me this time of no constraints, no deadlines (or very few).  And He reminded me how long He's waited for this time with me.  I want to rush through this but He's just so excited because He had to wait so patiently until He had my undivided heart and attention.  He's now able to dish out the gifts, blessings He'd waited so long to give and He's showing me new things and places He's waited so long to show me. 

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WEEK 06 & 07 | The Gift of Singleness

Singleness isn’t a thing to be sad about.  It’s a gift.  It’s a privilege.  It’s a time to relish in.  It’s a time to give back.  To discover who you are.  But most importantly, it’s a time to get to know God.  And fall in love with Him.  He’s always going to be your one constant even in marriage.  What memories Him and I have to look back on during these formative years.  He’s been there by my side through it all.  He’s the cause of it all. 

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As I read over this verse, a few things stick out to me right off the bat.  The writer of this verse, Paul, is pleading with the reader.  The seriousness of that word tells me that what he’s about to plead a case for is of the utmost importance.  What is is he pleading his brothers and sisters in Christ to do?  To give.  Having looked up the word “give”, the definition states to freely  transfer the possession of something to someone.  We are to freely transfer the possession or right of our bodies to God.  The reason?  All He has done for us. 

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WEEK 03 | Your Why in Social Media, Business + Life

Social media is a huge part of business but let's not forget why we began. I realized through this, that "my why" is definitely connection.  I thrive off connection.  And if we go back to its roots, this is truly why social media even began.  But what this also tells me is I need more of this in real time.  In real life.  Human connection and engagement is where I thrive and what makes me come alive.  Which genuinely helps me remember my why for my business and why I even began.

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