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WEEK 37 | 30 Years of God's Faithfulness

I praise God today for thirty years of patience on His part and thirty years of undeserved blessings and I thank Him for the ‘more’ and I say “sorry” for the countless times I didn’t return to say “thank You”. Where I expected ‘this… or this or that’ from Him and others.  But I’m so glad He didn’t give up on me and allowed me to find this place of deep rest and peace and contentment and put in my heart a joy so full — to expect nothing and in turn, receive everything.  I’ve been made rich — not just in “things” but in fullness of life in Christ. 

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WEEK 06 & 07 | The Gift of Singleness

Singleness isn’t a thing to be sad about.  It’s a gift.  It’s a privilege.  It’s a time to relish in.  It’s a time to give back.  To discover who you are.  But most importantly, it’s a time to get to know God.  And fall in love with Him.  He’s always going to be your one constant even in marriage.  What memories Him and I have to look back on during these formative years.  He’s been there by my side through it all.  He’s the cause of it all. 

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WEEK 03 | Your Why in Social Media, Business + Life

Social media is a huge part of business but let's not forget why we began. I realized through this, that "my why" is definitely connection.  I thrive off connection.  And if we go back to its roots, this is truly why social media even began.  But what this also tells me is I need more of this in real time.  In real life.  Human connection and engagement is where I thrive and what makes me come alive.  Which genuinely helps me remember my why for my business and why I even began.

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