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WEEK 10 | The Sheepfold on International Women's Day

What a fitting way to spend International Women's Day.  I stopped by The Sheepfold which is a storefront/ thrift shop in Orange, CA that accepts donation drop-off's with all proceeds going to help mothers and their children who have suffered through domestic abuse, homelessness. The Sheepfold offers a 6 month program to get them back on their feet, bringing healing and restoration to them.  This is an excerpt from their site,  And I do stand by, support, uphold, and celebrate womanhood and all of our unique, inherent God-given abilities.  See some of my favorite verses from the Bible..

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His love is patient, His love is kind.  How quickly I forget the whole point of this special time in His love.  He's given me this time of no constraints, no deadlines (or very few).  And He reminded me how long He's waited for this time with me.  I want to rush through this but He's just so excited because He had to wait so patiently until He had my undivided heart and attention.  He's now able to dish out the gifts, blessings He'd waited so long to give and He's showing me new things and places He's waited so long to show me. 

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A Look Back on 28

 I'm 2 months into 29 and it's already been a wild ride.  But before I get any further into 29, I can't forget about all that God did in my life during year 28.  I sat and reflected on my 28th year right before turning 29 and never hit publish.  I'm not sure why.  But I'll hit it now and hope maybe it will hit home with at least someone, some day.  A look back on my 28th year....

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