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Couple Photo Story from the Heart of South Africa | Jeffrey's Bay

This September, I journeyed to South Africa to record for The Marriage Project podcast I launched in January. Vanessa and Rehgert’s marriage story is featured on episode 10 and you can read more on the blog post over at the site!

It was always a dream to do a photo shoot in Africa, and the Lord led me to this couple who reside in the Eastern Cape, Jeffrey’s Bay and just blew me out of the water with His faithfulness, fulfillment of dreams and promises.

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Intimate Church Wedding in Redlands, CA | Edward's Mansion

This beautiful Redlands wedding was such a blessing to be a part of!

A day spent worshipping the Lord, thanking Him for working in our lives and bringing Rochelle and Marlon together. I was honored to be in the company of men and women who have experienced the goodness of God and testify to His redeeming love. Rochelle and Marlon live their life to serve the Lord and their love for Him and His church shine as light through the dark. Excited to share this one with you all!

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