Engagement Story - Mecca, CA + Salton Sea

MECCA, CA - I visited what is known as the Ladder Canyon a couple years ago and hiked to the tip top.  It was so deafeningly silent at the top, that clapping my hands sounded like the sound of a bullet ricocheting off the mountains.   I caught a glimpse of the Salton Sea from our vantage point.  We (I didn't make the climb alone) had to make the trek back down through the sandy trails, climb down the few ladders we climbed up - a total of about 10 miles were logged that day.   Little did I know I was actually location scouting for Danielle and Michael's engagement shoot I'd be a part of a couple years later.  I remembered the remoteness of the location and was excited to find not many other photo shoots have ben taken here - Pinterest came up pretty scarce when typing in "Inspiration for Mecca, CA".   I was ready for the challenge and no two people were better prepared for such a feat.  I was thrilled when Danielle suggested this location for their engagement photos.  Enter Danielle and Michael...

 I must say, Danielle and Michael were troopers (my parents included in the trooper category; they decided to tag along - their first of many Alysha Miller Photography adventures I hope).  All parties involved bravely drove their not so 4 wheel drive cars down a 2.5 mile dirt road marked, "ONLY 4 WHEEL DRIVES BEYOND THIS POINT".  It's a mission to get to the trailhead but many people take the risk.  You'll see why.  Ladder Canyon - Mecca, CA is a sight to behold!  Gorgeous rock formations, colors and hues which closely resemble parts of Utah (if you really use your imagination).  Let's just say us Californian's, we'll take it! I'm so happy to have had the chance to come back here and include others in this hidden gem among the California desert.  

Hope you enjoy the photos as much as we enjoyed taking them!
Blessings! :)